The Break Contest Flyer, change your Profile pic to this if you are a true Fusionite!

Yes you heard right, if you attend the Break Contest on January 29th, our Starland Show on March 17th, or our Battle of the Bands on January 21st- we will give you stuff!

The fact of the matter is, Process of Fusion NEEDS YOUR HELP! YOU the fans are the reason we have made it this far. The continued support and encourage we have received has been astounding. With that being said, so far the response for tickets has been sub par and we’d like to give a little incentive to buy one, and/or reward the faithful who have been so good to us. So here it is:

POF Rewards Club

1. For every round of the Break Contest attended that person will receive a personalized voucher from the band for 10% off per round (good for up to ten items). Example: 1st round 10%, 2nd round 20%, etc.

If you come to Starland you’ll receive 40% off POF item’s of your choosing (up to two items).

Come to both Starland and all the Break Contest Rounds and receive any two items for 50% off, and a free item under $5.

If you come to Battle of the Bands on January 21st, take $2 dollars off any shirt or get a free bracelet.

Lastly, anybody who comes to every one of these shows will receive the 50% off for life, a free item of their choosing, and paid access to two POF shows.

2. Anybody who comes to the Break Contest or Starland will be enrolled in the POF Fan Club “Fusionites” and our mailing list for updates.

– Once on the exclusive list of people who made these shows, you were receive free downloads of upcoming projects and mixes of our songs.

– Hear POF songs before they are released and finished.

– Voting rights on video ideas, album covers, show ideas, and song selections.

3. Anyone who made all three shows may guest with us in a music video and will receive a special shout out on all of our sites.


We need drivers to give people rides there and back. Anybody who offers will be compensated in cash for helping us out. If interested please contact anyone in the band.

The Break Contest on January 29th will take place at Club Loaded at Karma- 620 Waverly Avenue, Patchogue, NY.


Also, Wednesday January 19th we will be playing a fundraiser show for the Break Contest at the Full Cup hosted by EMC Records. Doors open at 6:30 and the price is $8. Here’s the lineup:

7:00 Ignatius J. Reilly

7:30 A Wake in Providence

8:00 It’s Not Over

8:45 Process of Fusion

Process of Fusion by Hikaru Wolf

Thanks to everyone for your help and support, we love you guys and appreciate the effort! Hope to hear from you soon!

– Process of Fusion


Hey guys, hope all is well. We’ve been blessed with a golden opportunity to compete against some of the best bands around to play Bamboozle. Starting January 29th, POF will play the first round of the Break Contest for Bamboozle at Club Karma (620 Waverly Ave- Patchogue, NY). We need to sell 40 tickets so we aren’t disqualified. We would also need to sell 40 tickets for every round we advance.

Here’s where you can help us…BUY TICKETS!!! They are a bit more than our normal shows- $15 dollars a piece. We know that money is rough for some of you guys, so we will take care of you. We’ll be providing the transportation to the venue in the form a bus and vehicles. We are also brainstorming on ways to get you “the fans” some free stuff or benefits by going (any suggestions, please tell us).

The other ways you can help, is by telling everyone you know about this. Invite people to our Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, etc. We will take notice, and POF thanks you in advance for any help you can provide us.

Again, thank you, and stay tuned because POF is doing some big things in 2011

– Justin

Hey all, this is Justin

So as we anxiously await our new ep, Connections, to be recorded, we ran into a great opportunity. Writing for Broken Records Magazine I was asked to interview an artist/producer named Jon Santos. Santos recently opened up a recording studio called “1176 Studios” in Whitestone New York, and sent out a release for us to check out.

Doing some research about Santos I came to discover that his band, Seven Wiser, was signed to Wind Up Records in 2004 along with bands like: Creed, Evanescence, and 12 Stones. Touring with groups and artists like Bowling For Soup, Shinedown, and Avril Lavigne, Santos knows the music industry- and after listening to samples of his recordings, he knows the studio as well.

From there, I asked Santos if  he would be kind enough to refer some of the bands he records my way for interviews on my blog. He obliged and that is where our “working” relationship started.

As I began to search through a list of bands he gave me, I stumbled upon a band called, Incognito Theory. I noticed on their page that Jon had mentioned something about a battle of the bands the studio was hosting. I asked him about it, and he said it was a promotion he had tried out months ago to no avail. He also mentioned another promotion in which two bands would send in a demo, and the top two he liked would get free recording of some songs. Joking around I said, “I’ll take them lol,” and he actually said,”They’re yours.”

Needless to say, it was the best use of  “lol” in my life. The deal we received involves us getting two recorded songs and a music video. This would be 2/6 of our new ep, and if we like how it comes out, will finish it with him.

So here’s the deal, what two songs would you like to see us record first, and which one has an accompanying video?

Discuss please…

So it’s time for the much anticipated POF blog. It may be dated for September, but I’m actually writing this on November 15th.

Firstly I would like to say that there are few things you should know about Process.

1. We want to be more than your favorite Staten Island band.

2. We are going to strive to be different despite what others may think of us or our music.

3. Our main goal is to inspire change and creativity in everything we do. We want to legitimately be “something you’ve never heard before”.

4. All shows shall and will be an experience. I’ll get sweaty, you’ll get sweaty, we’ll have a good time.

5. See #1, because we won’t rest until we do something big.

Now, on to more pressing matters. There is some confusion about us being signed. We are not signed to a record deal, we are signed to a production/press & media deal. This means we have a manager and an organization representing us on a public level. They get us shows, publicity, and sometimes recording. We are under Broken Records Management, and our manager is Scott Vollweiler, very cool dude and runs an awesome magazine.

Another thing, for those of you who missed our show on November 5th, SHAME ON YOU! It was epic, but don’t worry it was recorded, so pick up a copy when it is available. We also have T-shirts, V-necks, cds, stickers, and bracelets- get those too!

Lastly, we would love to have your help on spreading the word about us and our music. If you are a true fan, please tell all your friends about us and let them hear some music! We also need help with adding friends on Facebook and twitter. If we can achieve some of this, we will have world domination by next year, Mwuahahaha.

Be sure to check us out on Thursday for our live Television appearance on Verizon’s Rising Stars, and ask for tickets to our Starland Ballroom show opening up for Apocalyptica.

– Justin